Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday 17 February Group WOD

Tomorrow morning , after we warm up, we will go over the overhead squat for your practice and familiarity.  I would like to start putting them in our programming, but we need to practice the skill first.  Then we will move into the 62 room and do the WOD.  

For Time:

7 Rounds:
10 Wall Ball (20/14#)
10 Box Jumps (24"/20")
10 Pullups

Keep the transition time between exercises short!!  

I did this WOD this morning as rx and it was intense.  My time was 14:00 flat.  
Can't wait to see you ladies in the morning!

here is a quick technique video for you to refresh your memory about the OHS.


  1. Since Arvin opened late, Wendy and I went to MWR and did almost this wod! We substituted push-ups for the pull ups, because there wasn't good place to do the pull ups and the gravatron machine was broke! We also thru in 5 burpees for good mesure!!!

    7 rounds; 10 wall ball (14lbs), 10 box jump, 10 push up, 5 burpees: 15:53

    Hope everyone has a great extended weekend!!!

  2. Good Job ladies, you kicked my butt by throwing in those burpees, I need to go do a re-do! Sorry I didnt know about the gym closure, I guess it was my job to know that! I am really sorry!

  3. Did the WOD at MWR 16:25 12lb ball 14" jumps with pulls ups. Got to WOD with the hubby.