Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monday, 13 February Group WOD

So, tomorrow neither Heather nor Leigh will be able to come to the gym in the morning.  But this will be a good personal opportunity to see where you are at with your endurance after all this hard work over the past few months! 

Run or Row 5k

If you go outside, the 5k route is from the Com's House to Lee Gate and back.  Or feel free to run on the ol'treadmill if you prefer.  I hope you are surprised at your speed and endurance in relation to how much time we have spent actually running.  Please post your results/observations to comments!  

We will see you Wednesday for a Strength day!!


  1. Running is not my favorite thing, but I ran the 5k in 28:30. Not super fast, but at least it was faster than the 10min miles I usually run!

  2. Great job Joni!! I am glad to hear you are faster. That is what this is all about. So proud, and thanks for posting!

  3. Joni!!! That's a great time :) I ran slow and steady for 29:40... I was enjoying good conversation with my friend!!! Not to mention my treadmill time is always much slower than outside time...