Saturday, February 18, 2012

Permission to Fail

When you get to know me (Leigh) well enough, you will find out that Jon Gilson is one of my all-time favorite CrossFit Trainers.  He recently re-published this article which I want each of you to read and take to heart! 

Secondly, I want to hear from you!  
What is the best thing that CrossFit has done for you since you have started on this journey?

Post your answer to comments.  I can't wait to hear all your answers!


  1. I will start! CrossFit has given me an unquenchable thirst for fitness. This community has changed my life, and the lives of my family members. I love how you can see so much progress in such a short amount of time, yet there is always more to achieve. I also love how confident I have become in my own strength. The strength I have gained has had direct impact on my speed, endurance, and capacity for intensity.

  2. Good article!!
    I am amazed at how quickly I've gotten stronger! When I look back at the first several workouts and now realize how much more weight I'm lifting, I am floored! I feel more confident about lifting and strength training. I also believe that it's great cross-training and has helped with my running!! I look forward to the months ahead and continuing gaining strength and endurance with my fitness!!!
    A million thanks Leigh and Heather for giving this timid girl strength!!!! :)

  3. fantastic amanda!! thanks for your input! love seeing you get so much stronger and faster!