Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Wall Ball (20/14)
Deadlift (250/150)

This is for time so speed is important.
Not more important than your good form!  

See you girls in the morning!


  1. that was HARD! and I have a confession... this was the first wod that I got SUPER frustrated at... I really just wanted to give up!! I had to drop weight in my final 9 reps :(

    12lb Wallball
    135 lb deadlift (dopped down for 4 of the final 9) but then pushed out the final 2 reps at 135lbs

  2. Fabulous job today! Glad you are finding your thresholds...you got a lot out of this WOD in term of mental strength! Loved seeing everyone work so hard. Welcome Veronica, you did great!!

  3. Did this today at Michelle Post's house. I surprised myself...love those days! ;) 20lb med ball and 135# bar. 12:27. Prior to this my pr for deadlifts was 135. I'm in shock that I just did this many in a row. Stronger for sure. Thanks guys!