Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wednesday, 28 March Group WOD


Overhead Squat

followed by:

10 Kettlebell Swings
15 Double Unders (no double unders? sub tuck jumps)

the Overhead Squat targets your core (abs, back and shoulders) strength and stability.
It is a prerequisite for the Snatch, and will improve your Jerk as well.  


  1. Yay for Strength Day!!! :)

    So, this was my first time doing overhead squats! :) I did 45-50-50-55-55-60 and I even attempted to do a 65 but, dropped the bar mid way up! Next time!!!

    5 rounds complete with 35lb KB and tuck jumps :)

    Happy Wednesday Friends!

  2. SO SO SO awesome today. I love seeing people go beyond their comfort zone. Pushing yourself that way will translate and apply into other endeavors both physical and mental...You will see results in many areas by taking the time to lift heavy things. I am so proud and excited for all of you who PRd today!! See you FRIDAY!

  3. Loved this morning! I feel so accomplished. It makes me want to do more!

    Thanks for always encouraging us to try for more than we think we can. :) -Kristen

  4. I did my best with this workout at home. I didn't do too much weight because I was by myself and I'm not very comfortable with overhead squats yet. Sorry to have missed the strength day with you all! But Leigh, I didn't skip it because it was a strength day, just so you know......