Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday, 5 March Group WOD

10 minutes of Clean and Jerk
30 reps @ 45#
30 reps @ 65#
30 reps @ 75#
reps @ 85# until complete




  1. Thanks ladies for another great WOD :) :) I enjoyed this one! I probably should have started off a little heavier... but, I know that for next time! I didn't get many reps in, but, I feel more confident with my clean jerks now!

    30 reps at 45 lbs
    14 reps at 55 lbs

    Tabata: Pushups low 6 (ugh!!) Squat low 11

  2. Great work Amanda! The faster you learn to manipulate that barbell, the stronger and more powerful you will become! I hope you find that it gets easier and more manageable with time. Those pushups will get faster also. You get them by doing them!
    Thanks again EVERYONE for your generosity this morning...i love this stuff and your kindness is exorbitant!