Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday Weightlifting

I got this WOD from Black and Gold--they did this one on Monday, and it looked wonderfully horrible.  :)  

Besides, we need to get back to weight training...ease off these sexy metcons--


Front squat ladder:
For each round you have 1 minute to complete 3 reps.  Once complete with the 3 reps you use the remainder of the minute to rest and change weights.  Your performance terminates once you are unable to complete all 3 reps prior to the minute ending.  The bar starts from the ground.

Men start at 65 lbs., women at 45 lbs, and increase the load by 10 pounds each round.

after completion, REST a few minutes and then do the cash-out if you have time and motivation:

Push press ladder:
Start with 65/45 as above, follow the same procedures, but do push press instead of front squats.

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