Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello Old Friend.

We have done this one before.  But, because October is here, and because it is one of my favorites, I think its high time we visit it again.  Please watch the video so you can get in your mind the sequence of movements.  


5 Rounds

Bear Complex

7 sets of the following sequence

-power clean
-front squat
-push press
-back squat
-push press

Perform 7xs w/o stopping=1round

rest between rounds. 

Warm up with a naked bar to see how it feels (this is not counted as a rep for the wod this is just a warm up round) then judge weight from there. Go Heavy!

Men will go up 10# each round women will go up 5# each round working toward your heaviest @ round 5.


  1. At first, I read this as 'warm up with a naked bear'... :)

  2. Thanks for another great WOD. I found my notes about the last time we did this (it's actually the first WOD I bothered writing anything down for, as far as I can tell). Eight months ago I did it with a foam bar and a naked bar, and today I topped out at 70lbs. Thanks for all that strength, Leigh!