Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday, April 2nd Group WOD

I can't believe we have been meeting for over 4 months now.  It's about time to start going back to some WODs we did previously, to see if you have improved!  This one was from November 30th. 

5 rounds for time:

15 Front Squats (125/75)
15 Burpees
15 Knees to Elbows

See you in the morning!!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome. That is one of those WODs (high rep/middle weight) that is hard to get through without being tempted to cut corners (not going low enough, not making it all the way to 15 etc). You all pushed through and kept integrity of the movements even though it was a challenge. I am really proud of you!

  2. THANKS LEIGH!!!! :) It was good! I vaugley remember the first time we did it...But I do know that when we started, I had a hard time squating the black foam bar!!!

    Finished in 26 mins (some seconds) 65lb front squats :)

  3. Gah! Finished in 26:58 (narrowly missing 27!), started out with 65lbs, but dropped to 55lbs after 2 rounds because of my left wrist problems. Hate that I did that! The 55lb still felt uncomfortable on my wrist, so I totally should have stuck with the heavier load. Oh, well!

    Thanks, Leigh -- it was a great way to start the week!


  4. awesome kristen. wendy came over here and rocked it this afternoon, and she did awesome. that wod was a lot harder than it seems on paper. (aren't they all!) work on your wrist flexibility as you think about it, and it will get better with time. see you on wednesday!