Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ladies running the 1/2 this weekend, good luck to you all!!  I know you have worked so hard and deserve the satisfaction that comes with a successful race.  Be safe, and enjoy your time!  We will be back together on Monday. 

For those of us not running the race this weekend, I have an awesome horrible WOD I want each of you to do with me.  I have never done this one before, but it should be good.  

150 burpees for time.

I seriously think I would rather run 13 miles!  

Finally, Eric and I want to have all of you over for an end of year bbq really soon, before the spring bustle really gets into full swing.  We were thinking Friday the 27th of April.  It will be relaxed, potluck style.  I know we never get to talk much during/after the WODs and its time we finally do something social!  
Is that a good day for most people?


  1. Thanks Leigh!!! :) I think I'd rather do the burpees than run!!! haha!!! Thanks for the BBQ invite! :) Sounds fun!

  2. A BBQ would be great! The 27th works for us! Are you wanting the whole family to come?

  3. Yes!! whole family! bring your favorite side the gusts will do the meat