Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday, 30 April 2012

Still thinking of the WODs for this week.  I am going to bed now, because I am sick.  We will WOD in the morning, but it will have to be a surprise!!  See you there!!  Thanks for coming out to the house on Friday, I had a great time.  The food was yummy and the fellowship was even better!!  Love you ALL!


  1. Feel better, Leigh! Thanks again for having us all over to your house. I had a great time visiting and letting my kids play!

  2. Hey Leigh,

    I have a PT appt to rehab my ankle early tomorrow. I WILL ATTEND CLASS THIS WEEK! please don't lose faith in me. It just won't be tomorrow! I miss you guys.


  3. BTW...feel beter leigh! I hope you aren't getting what everyone else up the hill and down the hill apprarently got hit with this weekend