Monday, June 4, 2012

150 Pushups for Time

150 Pushups for time. 

Push until you cannot maintain form, then rest by running 400 meters before continuing to execute pushups with proper form. Repeat the run as necessary.

This is a great way to improve your pushup capacity!!

Make sure your form is spotless.


  1. So here we are in this filthy hotel room that is probably dirtier than a gym. I asked p if he wanted to do this one or the no gym wod. Maika told us to do pushups & p thinks it will take us all day to get to 150, we shall see... Mel

  2. Stan and I did this one this morning... I broke up the push ups, doing about 20-25 and then jumping rope (about 40/50 times). I did 16 "real" pushups!! Then the rest on my knees. 17:30 was my time... Not sure how long it took Stan