Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wednesday 1 February Group WOD

Everyone should feel very legit as CrossFitters after this one.  

"The Bear"

7  Sets of the Sequence:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

5 Rounds - rest between rounds as needed, increase weight each round

The Rules:

you CANNOT set the bar on the ground at any point during your 7 set sequence - even to regrip it!

    Break up or combine the movements in any way so long as the following are met:

    1.  the clean starts at the ground and finishes standing at full hip extension

    2.  the squats must go below parallel and the presses finish locked out overhead

    3.  jerking is acceptable, as are squat cleans and deadlifting then hang cleaning

    4.  the squats and push presses can be distinct or combined into thrusters

    5.  you cannot receive the clean in a squat and go directly into a thruster, you must stand first

    There is no time component, rest anywhere but on the ground.


  1. My knees hurt just watching this....

  2. This was a smoker!!! Glad we all pushed thru! :) Next time will be easier!! :)

  3. whoa. awesome job girls!! everyone working really hard as usual!!

    i just finished and it was rough. i forgot how my badly my arms would get smoked going from back squat to the press. eek. my first 4 rounds were unbroken. my last round i reached muscle failure at the 5th rep, and dropped the bar...then i finished the last 2. 55-60-60-65-70

  4. Ugh just did at home! I don't think I've done the bear since trying to induce labor with Isaac :) Great workout!

  5. Great job today ladies, you all worked hard! I beared through the bear when I got home this morning and maxed out on the 5th set at 80--with a fail on rep #3 going into the push press after the back squat but was able to regroup and knock out the last 4. 45-55-65-75-80

    Now, go and enjoy this beautiful day!!