Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wednesday, 10 Oct

We are one month away from our West Point WOD for Warriors competition.  It's important that we familiarize ourselves with the WOD, find out our weak points...so we can be fully prepared to dominate on November 9th. 

Here is the WOD

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 minutes:  

11 Ground to Overhead (95/65) Push Press (65/45) PVC Thrusters
11 Bar Facing Burpees Bar Facing Burpees Burpees
12 20/16# Wall Ball (10') Med Ball Squats Air Squats
22 Double Unders DU or sub 3-1 singles Jumping Jacks
Hand Stand Push-ups Elevated Pushups (on med ball) Pushups
11/11/12 signifies this year's Veteran's Day, the day set aside by Congress to "celebrate the service of our Nation's veterans", the 22 double unders and 7 Handstand Pushups represent the 22.7 living veterans we aim to serve. 

Be prepared to get smoked!!  See you There!

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